Welcome to ON THE AiR

A feast of new music and R&D performances from the Drake Music Artists-in-Residence, 2020: Sonia Allori, Gareth Cutter and Elinor Rowlands.

Panel Discussion: Creating work that is Digital, Sensory and Physical

Thursday 26th November – 7.30pm – Zoom

Join Daryl Beeton and the three DM Artists-in-Residence for a special panel discussion hosted by artist-provocateur, Deborah Williams – Disabled Powerlister and Executive Director of the Creative Diversity Network.

The conversation will explore the AiR’s practice and the residency experience, touching on the shared themes of their R&D projects: curiosity, memory, bedrooms, poetry, the senses and blending digital and real-world experiences.


Friday 27th November – 7.30pm – Zoom

The Anxious Mansion

A bedroom broadcast of music, movement and shadow puppetry, composed and collected over the Covid-19 lockdown.


Thursday 3rd December – 7.30pm – Zoom


Hear the first movement from a new concerto for Electronic Wind Instrument (EWI). Scored for EWI, voice track, synthesized track and creative captioning/audio description.


Friday 4th December – 7.30pm – Zoom

I Dug into the Soil and Began to Grow Things

Through a map, I invite curiosity. Slip into this immersive audio-visual experience which asks: What if cultivation might not grow from objects you create, but instead, cultivate from how the objects themselves store, keep and contain all that which you cannot bear or hold in your own person?